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Explosive Movie Exposes Hillary Clinton

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 9:42 AM

By:  Kenneth R. Timmerman

By: Kenneth R. Timmerman   
Hillary Clinton supporters will hate the new movie that premiered last night in Washington, D.C.

Although the movie is about their idol, executive producer David N. Bossie is hoping that Obama and John Edwards supporters will pounce on it with glee to warn voters of the dangers of a third Clinton presidency.

Bossie, a former congressional investigator, says he intentionally released "Hillary: the Movie: before the Super Tuesday primaries in February to give pause to Democrats weighing their choices in the upcoming primaries.

The movie was written and edited by veteran documentary film maker Alan Peterson for Citizens United, a conservative political action group based in Washington, DC.

Far from a rehash of the 1990s, "Hillary: the Movie" is like the sediment at the bottom of an old wine bottle. It is the hard, crystallized essence of Hillary’s contribution to the Clinton years.

The Clinton camp is hoping that Americans are weary of the decade of scandals that plagued Bill Clinton’s eight years in the White House, and dismiss attempts to dredge up the scandals as “old news.”

But don’t worry, says former Clinton pollster Dick Morris, who writes regularly for Newsmax. If you thought you’d had enough of the old scandals, “the good news is, we’ll get new ones!”

Morris says he parted ways with the Clintons after he saw Hillary hire private investigators and retired intelligence officers to track down and harass the women who were threatening to reveal the sexual antics of her husband in the White House.

“I do not want that woman in charge of the IRS, the FBI, or the Justice Department,” Morris says in the movie.

The Clinton camp is trying this week to get the movie suppressed on grounds that it violates federal election rules on political advertising. The Federal Election Commission, which has been deadlocked in recent months between Democrats and Republicans, will hold a rare hearing on Wednesday to hear the case.

Bossie and his lawyers argue that the 90-minute movie does not qualify as political advertising, because it contains no endorsement of any candidate, Republican or Democrat.

On the contrary, Bossie told Newsmax at Monday’s night’s premier at the AMC Loew’s cinema in Georgetown that he hoped the biggest audience for the film would be Democrats in the Obama and Edwards camp, who could benefit form a hard-hitting documentary on Hillary’s scandal-plagued public career but were unwilling to put out the information themselves.

"Hillary: the Movie" runs several clips from the John Edwards presidential Web site that compare statements made by Clinton on the campaign that would appear to flatly contradict each other.

In one well-known clip, Hillary is seen at a Democrat debate saying she favored driver's licenses for illegals and that she opposed them.

The film begins with a quote from John Edwards warning Democrats of “selective memory” in remembering the Clinton years.

Bossie and film editor Alan Peterson have not only produced an extremely professional and entertaining movie. They have also made news.

"Hillary: the Movie" contains the oft-quoted but never viewed footage that ABC News documentary filmmaker Cyrus Nowrasteh was forced to cut from his controversial made-for-television docudrama, "The Road to 9/11."

The three-minute clip is shocking in its direct portrayal of National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, when he gave the order to a CIA paramilitary team in Afghanistan to stand down from an assassination attempt on Osama bin Laden.

Nowrasteh, whose exclusive interview in the movie should be front-page news, reveals that ABC-Disney has prevented the DVD release of his movie under pressure from the Clinton camp, so it won’t adversely affect Hillary’s chances to win the presidency.

“I believe they are criminally guilty of distorting history,” Nowrasteh says.

The suppression of the DVD “is all about Hillary’s race for the White House,” he adds.

Another shocker in "Hillary: the Movie" that many Clinton-watchers may have forgotten is Hillary’s direct role in the controversial pardon of Puerto Rican terrorists convicted of murdering four persons in a New York city restaurant bombing in 1975.

Bossie found the son of one of the victims, who was just nine when his father was brutally murdered, as well as one of the FBI investigators involved in prosecuting and convicting the terrorists.

Together, they revisted the scene of the murder and walked viewers through a moving re-enaction of the events.

Hillary was directly responsible for the 1999 pardon, former Clinton confidant Dick Morris alleges in the movie, because she had no New York roots and needed to “connect” with Hispanic constituents in order to win her 2000 Senate bid.

While the movie repeatedly warns viewers of the implications of a Hillary presidency on our national security and our economy, it’s most poignant warning is contained in the one-line dedication of the movie that scrolls across the screen at the end in memorium of Barbara Olson, the wife of former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson.

Barbara Olson was on Flight 77 that was flown into the Pentagon by al-Qaida terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001, and called her husband several times from the plane just seconds before she died, providing key eyewitness information on the terrorists and the hijackings.

"Hillary: the Movie" was a subtle reminder that the Clinton administration bears a huge responsibility to those who died on that day for having missed at least eight opportunities to kill Osama bin Laden. The administration failed to act out of political cowardice and moral equivalence.

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