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Jacques Chirac, Saddam Hussein, and the United Nations.

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  The French Connection: the National Review On-line interview

Chirac's Lies and the War in Iraq, at Human Events

Read an excerpt from Insight Magazine

Read the exchange between a French patriot (Sabine Herold) about Jacques Chirac, France, and America.

Watch Ken on FoxNews discuss the $100 billion secret oil deal between the French and Saddam Hussein (Read the transcript)

Read what others are saying about The French Betrayal of America...

 "Timmerman—an American investigative reporter who lived in France for many years—is no glib France-basher, happily acknowledging America- and Israel-friendly actions by France during the Cold War, mostly when François Mitterand was president...All of which makes it even more fascinating to read Timmerman on Chirac’s shabby little demimonde of bribes and bagmen. From the cash stashes in Chirac’s office toilet to the Quai d’Orsay diplomat caught poking through garbage bags outside a Houston home to the classified U.S. and UN data that Chirac, unforgivably, shared with Saddam right up to the invasion of Iraq, Timmerman’s account makes the entire history of Washington scandals from Watergate onward look like a Girl Scout cookie drive."
– Bruce Bower, in the Hudson Review

"A specialist in military and strategic matters, Timmerman chronicles the extremely close, three-decades-long association between Saddam Hussein and his main booster in the West, [French preesident Jacques] Chirac.
John Rossant, in Business Week

"Few Western journalists could have written this remarkable book but Timmerman has the credentials...Running throughout the book is the theme of corruption at top levels of the French government where bribery, payoffs and kickbacks are the order of the day, despite who is in charge. French governments are run by people on the take – and in the case of Iraq, the take was huge.
Phil Brennan, at Newsmax.com

"Timmerman's book of revelations is an eye-opener. Even in the days of the socialist François Mitterand, he argues, France looked upon the U.S. as a dangerous rival."
Arnold Beichman, writing in the Claremont Review

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