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The Christians of Iraq are facing extinction.”

– Dr. John Eibner, CEO, Christian Solidarity International

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Help Christian aid organizations

• You can Adopt an Iraqi Christian Refugee Family through this special program of the Chaldean Federation of America. I have seen on the ground how effective this program is, and can testify that 100% of the monay you donate to this program goes directly to Iraqi Christian refugee families in Amman and Damascus.

Christian Solidarity International is on the ground in Iraq (as well as in Southern Sudan). I have gone on aid missions with them and their local partner, the Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, run by William Warda.

The Assyrian Aid Society is helping to equip schools and build infrastructure projects in the Nineveh plain, where virtually no U.S. government development  dollars have been spent. They also are providing food and other humanitarian relief supplies to refugees and internally displaced persons in conjunction with the Swedish NGO, Assyrians Without Borders.

•Rev. Canon Andrew White (at left),  rector of the Anglican Church of St. George in Baghdad, runs the Foundation for Relief and Reconcilliation in the Middle East. He has been a passionate advocate of uniting religious leaders of all faiths to help calm sectarian violence in Iraq and has kept his church open to the faithful through the darkest periods of post-liberation Iraq.

Open Doors USA, the U.S. affiliate of the famed Dutch missionary Brother Andrew, has a food and Bible distribution program in Iraq. They also have an extensive array of advocacy tools as well as a Congressional scorecard targeted to issues of Christian persecution worldwide.

The Barnabas Fund has a feeding program for Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan, as well as Christians displaced inside Iraq. They are also helping  and helps to build housing for Iraqi Christians who have been forced to flee to Syria.

Make Your Voice Heard in Congress
  • The Iraq Sustainable Democracy Project has documented the ongoing effort by Muslim terrorist groups to drive Christians out of Iraq and is a tremendous source of hard information and in-depth analysis for policy-makers and concerned citizens.
  • The Religious Freedom Coalition provides aid to Christian refugees in Jordan, and works closely with members of Congress to defend religious freedom in Iraq and elsewhere. RFC President William Murray puts outlegislative updates to members, and travels himself on aid missions to Jordan, the West Bank, and Lebanon. (He is pictured at right, speaking with Cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir, the Maronite Patriarch, in Bkerke, Lebanon).
  • The Iraqi Christian Relief Council seeks to raise the awareness of Americans to the persecution of Iraqi Christians and to help them in making their voice heard in Congress.
  • International Christian Concern provides regular updates on the persecution of Christians worldwide.

Kenneth Timmerman has wrought a wildly inventive and highly gripping thriller that encompasses the secret and long-hidden origins of Islam… That makes St. Peter's Bones more than just a great novel, although it is assuredly that as well: it is also an enlightening insight into today's increasingly conflict-ridden relationship between Islam and the Judeo-Christian/post-Christian West."
– Robert Spencer, editor of JihadWatch and author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad.
“Timmerman's  taboo-breaking thriller portrays authentically the politics and passions fueling the deadly persecution of Iraq's ancient Christian community: an unintended but ruinous by-product of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It's a powerful book America's political leadership on both the left and the right would prefer you not to read."
– Dr. John Eibner, CEO, Christian Solidarity International (CSI-USA)