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Revelations so startling they could only be told as fiction...

Ken's non-fiction book, Countdown to Crisis, was incoporated into the Iran course material for the Pentagon's Joint Counter-Intelligence Training Academy (JCITA) in the fall of 2010.


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I firmly believe that the revival of Christianity in the Holy Land and in the land of Elam is part of God’s plan, and presents the only hope for peace in that region.”

- from an interview with Ken in the
Montgomery Gazette
Are you prepared to confront the enemies within?

Have Muslim extremists penetrated the U.S. government?

Only Army Major Danny Wilkens and Dr. Eva Romera stand between the schemes of a master terrorist who has already kiilled hundreds of Americans, and Armageddon....

Israeli intelligence picks up the departure of a mysterious cargo ship from Iran, while half-way across the world, a Muslim-American girl is found dead in suburban Maryland.

The two events appeared to be worlds apart. But they were not.

Major Danny Wilkens, the U.S. government’s top Iran analyst, becomes convinced that the cargo ship is part of an Iranian scheme to kill millions of Americans. But incompetent bureaucrats and a broken CIA force him to go outside the system, where he puts his career and even his marriage on the line in order to stop its relentless trajectory toward America.

FBI Special Agent Michael Brannigan is perplexed by the “honor killing” of a Muslim girl. But it’s only when his investigation is shut down by G-girl Joanna Greary that he discovers a sordid underworld of steamy sex, corrupt government officials, and local Muslim leaders who have exploited America’s loose immigration laws for terror.

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In this fast-paced Washington novel of spies, faith, betrayal, and lust, New York Times best-selling author Kenneth R. Timmerman tells a story so chilling that it had to be kept out of the newspapers.

• Is there really a spy for the terrorists who has access to the highest reaches of the United States government, including the White House?

• Have our intelligence agencies become so bureaucratic and corrupt they can no longer act when a clear and present danger appears?

• Is Iran’s master-terrorist at work today, probing our weaknesses?

• Is the American Muslim community giving shelter to deadly enemies?

Timmerman takes us from underground hide-outs in Iran to beach-side bars in the British Virgin Islands, from the port of Maracaibo to a shoot-out in Dubai. He brings us smooth Mossad operators, CIA bumblers and a Persian beauty named Aryana, who uses a computer company in California as a front for clandestine operations inside Iran.

He also examines the penetration of radical Islamists into the highest reaches of the U.S. national security and political establishment in Washington, DC.

As the Iranians get ever closer to our shores, readers are in for a surprising climax that may have many of them down on their knees.

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 "Required reading. A great story… very timely in terms of the threat from Iranian nuclear weapons and the encroaching sharia program here in the United States.”
- Frank Gaffney, President and CEO, Center for Security Policy

"This is not a book about the what. There is no doubt about what is planned by the enemies of freedom, or whether they will succeed. This is a book about the how...You will finish Honor Killing not that long after you begin, its almost four hundred pages notwithstanding. And you will then discover that you just completed a multi-subject seminar that was so entertaining that you never realized during the process that you were being educated. Read. Learn. Enjoy!
- Talk radio host Julian Tepper, reviewing the book at Newsmax.com

From the blogs....
"Do you think AQ et al will duplicate their methods in 9/11? ... Read Kenneth Timmerman's new book Honor Killing. Think ship launched missile with dirty and/or low yield poor man's nuke off our coast from one of OBL's ghost fleet of container ships. Think this is far fetched? The Iranians have been testing shipped launch missiles and blowing them up in mid flight. Now why do you suppose they'd do that?
Blogger "RBT" aka rocketbrain in Seattle's  Spokesman Review

"A great new book by Kenneth Timmerman...I literally can’t put it down."
- Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at NoisyRoom.net