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Photos from Innocence of Muslims:

"Master George" (Mohammad)- final shot from the film

 "Master George" - end shot
"Master George" discovers the first Muslim animal

1st Muslim animal
Actor Tim Dax
Tim Dax

Key persons in Deception

Cindy Lee Garcia (right), and her attorney, Cris Armenta (left)

Cindy Lee Garcia and her attorney, Cris

The filmmaker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (aka Mark Bassely Youssef, aka Sam Bacile)

The LA Sheriff's department, in cooperation with federal prosecutors, purposefully humilitated Nakoula at every opportunity. Here they are taking him into protective custody in the early morning hours of Sept. 15, 2012, making him pay for his own hotels! (see p 96)
LA Sheriffs take Nakoula into custody

Background documents and photos:

(Note: some of these documents are identified in the notes of the book.

p7: The filmmaker, Nakoula, claims he never spoke to the Associated Press staffer, Shaya Tayefe Mohajer, who wrote that he was an Israeli-American. (The original AP story is here). The AP later took the unusual step of issuing a full-page retraction of their own story. (See pages 124-130).

p8: the Email sent by the US Embassy Tripoli urging State Department colleagues to "not conflate" the video with the Benghazi attack.
This message was suppressed by the State Department until the Benghazi Select Committee uncovered it and released it in April 2016. (see also p141).

p11 - 11 PM Eastern Time, Sept 11. 2012 (5 AM Benghazi time - just minutes before mortars killed US Navy SEALs Ty Woods and Glen Doherty at the CIA Annex): The YouTube channel U.S. reporters claimed was inciting riots in Cairo and Benghazi had received just 405 views (see also p113-114)

In this shot, Mohammad's followers prepare for plunder.
Mohammad's followers
                prepare for jihad
p12: Tweet from NY Times blogger Liam Stack, apparently watching the video at 2:17 PM eastern time... Oops, looks like he isn't watching the movie, but someone (who?) is describing it to him. In a follow-on tweet, he says the "first Muslim animal" is a goat - when in the movie, it's a donkey. And here's the original story from The Atlantic that first mentions the video and Stack's tweets.

p13-16: Clinton consigliore, Sidney Blumenthal, sent Mrs. Clinton an "intelligence" memo as the attacks in Benghazi were winding down in the early morning hours of Sept. 12, 2012, laying out the "spin" strategy for blaming the attacks on the video. It is replete with false statements and fabrications.

p18-19: Max Blumenthal, son of Sid Blumenthal, wrote one of the early hyper-ventilating accounts that blamed the Benghazi attacks on "right-wing extremists" he claimed (falsely) had made "Innocence of Muslims."

p36: Press conference in front of the Los Angeles Courthouse, where Cindy and her attorney, Cris Armenta lost the first of several lawsuits against Google. Note how far away the reporters stood - afraid that Cindy and Cris might become targets of terrorists.Cindy
                  and Cris Armenta at LA Courthouse

p72: Jimmy Israel, who became a witness in Cindy's case against Google, provided Vice a copy of the 2011 version of Nakoula's screenplay, Desert Warrior, that contained the Muslim names of the characters. It was not signed but bore the subhead: "Based on the Truth." Two years later, he told Armenta in a deposition he said he couldn't recall and thought the main character was called Master George (as he was in the version Cindy was given for her part).

p76: Gaylord Flynn's antique Mercedes 500k special roadster, one of only 342 made.

p92: The poster Nakoula and Steve Klein used to advertise the film at the initial Hollywood theater screening in July 2012:
Innocence of Bin Laden poster

p111: Hillary Clinton worked with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to craft sharia-compliant anti-blaspemy laws, and called upon Rashad Hussein, who had close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, for advice. In this March 2012 email, she wanted to know how the U.S. should approach the "ulema" in Afghanistan over a Koran burning.

p136: Even as Hillary Clinton told lies to the American people, she spoke the truth about the Benghazi attacks to her own family and to foreign leaders. Thanks to Judicial Watch, we now have the State Department notes on those conversations with the president of Libya (p3 of the document), the prime minister of Egypt (p 4-5) and Afghan president Karzai (p6 of document)

p176-178: In their effort to persecute the filmmaker, Nakoula, the US Attorney in Los Angeles leaked sealed court documents from his 2010 fraud conviction - leaks that caused Nakoula's former partner in crime to threaten to murder him. Notice all the sealed documents in the case on page 5 of the docket. The sealed Sentencing Memorandum (which was illegally released), is just one of many sealed documents apparently dealing with Nakoula's offer to cooperate with federal prosecutors.

p189: Nakoula still had big plans. While he was in prison, he wrote Cindy's attorney Cris Armenta about a new film he wanted to make. If Cindy wanted, he wrote, he would invite her to play the lead female role!

p202: Even after attorney Cris Armenta won in the 2nd Court of Appeals and got an order forcing Google to take down all YouTube copies of "Innocence of Muslims," Google continued to drag its heels, apparently at the request of the White House. Armenta and her legal team had to file an emergency contempt motion to force Google to comply with the court order.

p238: Ten days after the Benghazi attacks, the Defense Intelligence Agency responded to a tasking order from DIA Director Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, currently an advisor to the Trump campaign, asking them for their "assessment of the tactics employed in -al Qaeda's reaction to - and the level of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Qods Force (IRGC-QF) involvement in the U.S. Mission in Benghazi attacks on 11 September. The 2-page response regarding Iran has been totally redacted.

Read what others are saying about Dark Forces...

"In order to understand the dynamics of the Arab Spring as well as the Obama Administration’s policies leading to our involvement in the Libyan revolution, Ken Timmerman provides a well-researched history of significant events that resulted in the Benghazi tragedy.  As a result of his many sources, he is able to present clear insight on the illicit arms transfer to Syrian rebels.  Further, according to his key informant, new intelligence is provided on who was behind the attack on the Benghazi Special Mission Compound, as well as why the massive cover-up by the Obama Administration."
—James A. Lyons, Jr., Admiral, USN (ret), President and CEO LION Associates, LLC, member of the Citizens Committee on Benghazi

 "Benghazi will go down as the greatest government cover-up in history - bigger than the Pentagon Papers, Iran-Contra, and Watergate. Ken Timmerman's investigation exposes the dark underbelly of this scandal, as well as the disastrous state of our national security after years of President Obama downsizing and degrading our capabilities."
- Senator Jim Inhofe (R, OK), ranking member, Senate Armed Services Committee
"This book is an excellent read. In fascinating detail, it explores avenues and answers questions that have not previously been pursued. Now the question is: will the Obama administration and Congress finally provide answers through a select committete on Benghazi?
- Lieutenant Colonel Dennis B. Haney, USAF (Ret)., Special Operations Speaks.
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